Halvia (by Harmony)

Harmony Halvia Chia Seeds

Harmony Halvia Chia Seeds (300g)

A good nutritional supplement is essential for healthy living. Halvia offers a solution for every stage of human life. When included as part of a regular diet, Halvia helps support:

• Cardiovascular Health

• Muscle Energy & Endurance

• Joint Function & Mobility

• Digestive Regularity & Detoxification

• Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

• Memory & Mental Clarity

• Hormone Modulation

• Libido Function

• Skin Complexion

Halvia (Salvia Hispanica L) Seed is the Safest and Best Chia Seed Available!



  • 心血管的健康
  • 肌肉能量和耐力
  • 关节功能和机动性
  • 消化的规律性和排毒功能
  • 保持健康的血糖水平
  • 增强记忆和思维能力
  • 调节荷尔蒙
  • 增强性功能
  • 维护健康皮肤

Halvia (Salvia Hispanica L) 种子是市场最安全和最好山香仔(Chia)种子!

Price: RM68.00
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