Chia Seeds: Greexxxxxx VS Halvia

Contributed by: Yee Fong, Ooi  (黄 宇 雄)

If you are thinking of consuming chia seeds, I suggest you to opt for HalviaI had made experiments to compare Greexxxxxx and Halvia chia seedsWhen I tried to plant the Greexxxxxx chia seeds, most of them were not growing at all. On the other hand, almost all of Halvia chia seeds were growing. I repeated the same experiment after few months. Halvia shown a consistent result as my first test. I attached here photos taken during experiments. Greexxxxxx VS Halvia chia seeds.

Halvia vs Greenapple



  Chia Seeds Growing Test:

  Halvia VS Greexxxxxx









                      Chia Seeds Growing Test: Halvia









   Chia Seeds Growing Test: Greexxxxxx

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